All digital TV Antennas receive more or less same video and audio quality; Some distributors use full HD while others are broadcast in standard definition. The real difference is the uncompressed signal received with an antenna and digitally distributed to channels and sub channels. Hence Digital TV Aerial installation in Brisbane is an important aspect which one should be conscious about.

If you are not getting right quality signal in your Digital TV Aerial in Brisbane here is something that a reputable installer should do in getting your antenna system right.

  • Firstly, a check of your current signal levels at the Digital TV outlet is important to determine where the problem exist, antenna or amplifier.
  • Perform a signal survey of your house or its surrounds with a digital signal meter to find the best location for the antenna.
  • Ensure that you choose the correct antenna for your area as cheap are not necessarily best and expensive may be over cost.
  • Check the type of cable from Digital TV Aerial to TV outlets to ensure proper fittings and correct installation


While Installation of the Digital TV Aerial is important, so also the post installation testing procedures which must be performed in order for a quick quality service.

Additionally if the Digital TV Aerial is connected to Amplifiers, other devices, data points it is little more complex. Hence a Professional antenna service technician needs to be hired to overcome any issue and get a warranted support.


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