Are you planning to have extra TV connections in your commercial or residential property? Need to install extra TV pointsto allowyour family members watchtheir favoriteTV programs from a singleantenna connection at the same time? As one of Australia’s registered cable service providers, Express Antenna Services can offer an economic solution to help you with your additional TV, phone and data point installation needs.

Additional TV points have become more necessary for your householdor commercial place where people always like to have the best experience of watching different shows on different TV sets. Your extra TV pointinstallation should be done professionally leavingyou with a great viewing experience all the time. We have qualified and certified professionals to efficiently handle the installation of your extra TV aerial Points in every possible location whilst maintaining the signal quality.

With the introduction of Stan and Netflix etc you may also require a data point next to your TV outlet. Call your TV antenna installation specialist who will advise you on how to get the best optimal viewing experience with solutions toTV outlet locations and signal problems. We are registered cable professionals with 15 years of experience in all aspects of adding extra TV outlets, phone and data points.

If you are looking to set up more LED TVs or Plasma TVsinyour home or office, you will require additional TV points for that. If you don’t have aerial points, thenExpress Antenna Services can be called upon to install extra TV points in those places and make sure that there are no signal problems.

For watching TV in your home, office, garage or patio with better connectivity and picture quality, choose for Extra TV Points installation by Express Antenna Services. We will give you the best offer for installing multiple TV outlets in residential or business area.